Here’s why Asking Process Questions at the end of an interview is so very important.

So you have sailed through what seems like an easy interview, now you are at the close, and the Interviewer asks: “Do you have any questions for me?” Your brain screams – “Say what!” And your mouth volunteers, “Not really.” Your eye contact with the Interviewer relays that you have missed the seal-the-deal, closing shot. Oops!

End-of-interview questions should focus on organizational issues rather than the project or technical questions you may have already discussed with the Interviewer. Asking open-ended questions will help you gauge whether this position is a good career fit for you at this point in your career.

Why is asking key process questions at the end of an interview is so very important?

Asking thoughtful process questions shows that you are interested and committed to success in the role. And this can set you apart from the other candidates.

It is also an excellent opportunity to learn about possible internal barriers to success and problems you may encounter as you seek success in the role BEFORE starting the job, especially if the job is in a different industry!

A good sample question: “What are the challenges someone hired into this role expect to face?” The Manager’s answer will show the following:

1.   Is the manager aware of what it takes to succeed in this role?

2.   Is this manager offering a career advancement opportunity, simply a job, or are you interviewing for a disposable role?

3.   Does the manager’s response highlight how they will work with you to ensure your success?

4.   Are there departmental or interdepartmental politics that you will have to battle against?

5.   Are there technical issues that may make it initially challenging to perform your role effectively?

6.   Are there actions in place to correct these deficiencies?

7.   How involved is the Manager in mentoring and developing their staff and department?

8.   Does the manager mention others who might help you integrate into the existing team? 

These open-ended questions will also help you gauge Manager’s interest in your candidacy for the position. It is their opportunity to sell you the role, the organization, and the management style.

These questions can show that you are interested in success in the role and not just landing a new job. Master these end-of-interview questions, and you may level the performance field if you fumbled a question during the earlier part of the interview.