Are you being hobbled by “decision fatigue?”

It is estimated that an adult living in an industrialized nation, averages about 35,000 decisions a day. Many of these decisions may be insignificant enough to be made while they barely register as decisions to us  – what to eat, what to wear, what to watch on television.

But noticeably as we are two plus years into a pandemic, a load of new, stressful decisions requiring unfamiliar forms of knowledge, biological or mathematical have arisen, and they are exacerbating the effects of decision overload.

While the choices we are making daily recently, may not themselves be obviously acute, they are nonetheless concerned with mortality. Is it OK to go to the gym? Can we pop into the corner store mask less, sine there are very few people in there, and we are just picking up one item. Which is safer, taxi or public transport?

Rather than trying to obsess about the regrettable decisions you have made, should rethink our decision-making processes. And if anything, positive can be learnt from making decisions these impactful times, it is the fact that we can choose to have less choices.

Read the entire article in the Guardian by Anouchka Grose – psychoanalyst and author: