The Three Interview Questions Candidates should always ask

Here are three interview questions that applicants are afraid to ask, and hiring managers loathed to answer?

Question #1:
Why is the position open? Or better phrased: Is this a growth position, or are you replacing someone? The answer to this question will tell you a great deal about the manager and the state of the project or department.

Question #2:
How do you prefer to be communicated with, by email, impromptu meetings, a quick drop by your office, or a weekly meeting with an agreed-upon agenda?

How a manager communicates with their staff can significantly affect project outcomes and day to day workflow. Are you one of those people who dislikes people popping into your office for a quick unscheduled chat, what if that is the a hiring manager’s prefers that choice of communication?

Question: #3:
Will I be reporting directly you? Be careful if managers dance around this one. Sometimes a candidate is being hired into a pool and their direct manger can change as projects arise. Or worse if everyone you meet with responds, that you will not be working for the? You may want to ask at what point in the interview process you will be meeting with your direct hiring manager.

Have you asked any of these questions at interview and how has the interviewer responded?