Are you a high maintenance jobseeker?

Are you a high maintence jobseeker?

FPSelectJobs your one-stop career boutique The high maintenance jobseeker sees the job search process and interviewing; as highly competitive process, and consequently may make some of these mistakes in an effort to get and edge over other job seekers.

Recognizing the high maintenance jobseeker:

1). Sends resume by snail mail or next day post, in an envelope so large, that the envelope is used for note taking by the recipient and discarded; sometimes with the resume inside; or the envelope drifts away with a visitor who used it for note taking.

2). Prints resume on paper so thick that you can fold up the edges and use it as a tray to hold other candidate resumes.

3). Uses colorful paper and ink that renders a fair portion of the resume, unreadable, and looking ever so slightly like a craft project gone wrong.

4). Once contacted for an interview, says needs to think about it, or look at their schedule. Then bombards the recruiter or manager with a series of I would like to know emails or calls before setting up and interview,.

5). Ignores emailed driving directions to the interview, gets lost and calls from some other building or street location no one has ever heard off.

6). Shows up an hour early for the interview, just in case the manager was not busy; and can meet with them a bit earlier.

7). Brings a series of show and tell items, awards, projects reference letters etc. to the interview, in large briefcase or bag, constantly interrupts interview to show the interviewer items.

8). Is accompanied to the interview by a family member or friend, who sits glumly in the lobby, or worse wanders around, peering into the interview room or other offices.

In an effort to stand out from other candidates many jobseekers inadvertently commit one or more of these interview mistakes.

Qualified for a position, applied, but the interview was cancelled once scheduled, or you are not asked back for a second interview?

Check the items above, did you commit any of these blunders – Are you a High Maintenance Jobseeker?

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